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June 22, 2013
Stop Child Abuse

Stop Child Abuse

I’m back up on my soapbox again. It is something near and dear to my heart – it has to do with our child protective system. As with so many different things, when we put policies on paper the outcomes (despite preliminary testing and predictive outcome studies} are very different than what was intended or anticipated. When real life situations and real people are concerned, there just seem to be too many variables involved to be able to ‘manage’ things effectively – despite some very noble efforts.

In a recent study it was unquestionably determined that early intervention is required in order to effectively reduce lifelong effects associated with childhood neglect and emotional abuse.

In their review of preschool children who had experienced neglect and emotional abuse, Aideen Mary Naughton and colleagues in Pontypool, England concluded prompt evaluation and intervention is needed to be effective.

What Naughton and her colleagues witnessed in their study released earlier this month were behaviors that included “aggression, withdrawal or passivity, developmental delay, poor peer interaction, and transition from ambivalent to avoidant insecure attachment pattern and from passive to increasingly aggressive behavior and negative self-representation.” They also found that emotional knowledge, cognitive function and language also deteriorate without intervention, as well as children demonstrating poor sensitivity, hospitality, criticism or disinterest characterized maternal-child interactions.

The American Medical Association referred to the study which advocates for early intervention as the ingredient for the potential to change children’s lives because of the impact it may have on physical and mental health problems, impairments in language, social and communication skills and severe effects on brain development and hormonal functioning.


Is it me, or is our current child protective system governed by regulations that directly oppose these findings? Don’t things have to get so completely out of hand and deplorable before interventions occur? Haven’t we all seen the horror stories about how drastic conditions children have been found to be subjected to before authorities actually intervene because of fear of offending parental rights and possible impending law suits?

The situations that usually call our attention to just how bad it gets, tragically result in death of the child. But what about all the cases that get ignored or passed over as standard behaviors where children need someone who truly is committed to defending their rights, not giving more weight to the rights of the parents who are causing or permitting the abuse and neglect?

Don’t get me wrong. I get how delicate of a situation it is when we talk about parental rights, but don’t studies like this one confirm how important it is to move expediently and swiftly to get the child the help they need if they are to have a chance to undo the damage done by their parent’s inappropriate behaviors? Or are we, once again, allowing the mighty dollar (in this case fear of being sued) to weigh heavier on how these situations are handled? The agencies are founded in the mission of the best interest of the children. Now we have additional proof that keeping children in these conditions while we continue to give parents chance after chance, year after year, time after time, to improve things that never get improved, keeps them away from the only opportunity they might be given for a brighter future.

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

If we are not prepared to make some extreme changes with the governing of these agencies, what is the point of funding these types of studies and compiling more proof about what we already know – that as sad as it may be – there are some people who should not have the right to continue to have and keep their children unless they can demonstrate the ability and willingness not to cause them harm.

We need to tighten up the laws that effect the lives of our future generations. There are so many laws being set forth to preserve the environment for future generations and other aspects of their lives. It is time we face the tough task of protecting them INSIDE their homes too.


I’m a licensed clinical social worker and have worked extensively as a counselor with children, adolescents, couples and families. I combine professional experience in the mental health field along with my love of writing to provide insight into real-life experiences and relationships. I hope my down-to-earth approach to living a happier, more meaningful life is easy to understand and just as easy to start implementing right away for positive results!

  1. Brilliant that you write about something so important, for all others to see. Would you be interested in posting some of what you have on your page, on our blog? We are looking for professionals and someone with a story to contribute to our new blog. If it sounds interesting to work together, our email is
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    Nina (clinical psychologist)

    • Hi Nina,

      I am very glad to hear from you… Thank you for the positive feedback and yes, I would be interested in posting for you, especially if it is something in line with my areas of expertise.

      My email is

      Email me and I will be glad to discuss it further.


  2. I believe that child abuse is despicable. . I also agree that early intervention which in my definition it is call plan parenthood. Humans require by law to have licenses for almost everything. yet anyone can have children… even people who are severly addicted to drugs and alcohol . which it does not make any sense whatsoever. We are still in an age where even women who are victims of violent acts such as rape…incest etc. are being forced and left with no choice but letting themselves victimized all over again by carrying unwanted …forced pregnancies. .. . I think that I am in a pisition to state an opinion being a product of an unwanted pregnancy and later aabandoned and supposely cared for by righteous people who opose abortions due to their so call morals and convictions. ..the same type of people who abused me and many others in their care. We do not need to waste anymore money in something that should be intelligent knowledge and common sense…that is unwanted ptegnancies equals child abuse.. and all that money that is used to maintain foster care programs is laughable since the main purpose of majority of these foster care homes are unfortunately financial gain..pure and simple

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    • Thank you so much for your positive comments!!! I hope you do visit again and become part of our community!


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