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SELF CONFIDENCE – Part D – The Commitment

June 28, 2013
Human Brain

Human Brain

There is a wonderful little show on The National Geographic Channel for those of you that have it on their cable line-up. It is called “BRAIN GAMES” and it delves into very specific realities about the way we think and behave. There are topics about how our brains see in three dimensions when our vision is only really a two dimensional process. And the other day I caught one on about the process of how and why we lie and what happens in our brains when we do. It is a wonderful show mixing interaction so that you experience what they are discussing, and the science and some of the details about how our brains work.

It helped me to understand the entire process of visualization better because I now understand that our brains go through many of the same exact steps when we visualize something clearly whether it really occurs or not. So in the case of building success through visualization, we are getting our brains to practice even if our bodies do not participate physically at all.

When we think we hear an intruder in the middle of the night and wake up in the dark, our heart is racing the same way as if that intruder is truly there or not. Our brains have visualized that someone is there and we are in danger and our has set the process of feeling frightened in motion. At this point whether it is a real threat or an imagined one doesn’t much matter.

The process is the same with building success and confidence through positive imagery. The more our brain sees that we’re successful, the more we set success in motion.

So now that our brains are participating fully in the activities, we need to do one more thing. We have to promise ourselves that we will do everything in our power to achieve success. This means we need to know how to handle interruptions such as doubts and challenge them. The best way to do this is to put them to paper where we can objectively look at them and challenge them with rationality and determine if they are real or if they are something that facing them squarely combats. Many of our doubts are old tapes we carry around from past attempts or negative self-talk. If we can rationally look at the doubt and realize that maybe that was true in the past, but we know better now; (and many of our doubts are dis-solvable with calm objectivity), then we can move forward.



Some doubts, however, are real and may require a bit of planning in order for us to tackle them successfully. In order to manage real risks successfully you need to be able to identify what the negative consequences will be if something truly does go wrong. By being able to identify the probable consequences, we can be better prepared and have a plan of how to get through to the other side.

Under-confident people tend to avoid taking risks and stretching themselves beyond their comfort zones. Usually, they don’t fail very often, it is more common for them not to try much in the first place.

But we MUST make the promise to stick with it and keep on going. Because that is what success means and after all, we are committing 100% to our success.
Okay. We’ve made it this far. In the next section, we will start moving forward by beginning with (of course) the basics.


I’m a licensed clinical social worker and have worked extensively as a counselor with children, adolescents, couples and families. I combine professional experience in the mental health field along with my love of writing to provide insight into real-life experiences and relationships. I hope my down-to-earth approach to living a happier, more meaningful life is easy to understand and just as easy to start implementing right away for positive results!

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