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August 7, 2013

Positive Thinking

I’m going to throw down the gauntlet today. I’m not sure why I’m in this frame of mind, but I want to challenge myself and my followers to take the time and do something they most likely don’t usually do for themselves.

I would like us all to think about something we REALLY want to see happen in our lives and to acknowledge that this something is within our reach if we just keep on doing the next right thing. It is just around the corner. It is right over the next hill. It is there, for the taking, because we have done many right things in our lives and are very much worth manifesting this in our lives so it is there for us.

When I first started out in the work force, like so many others, I bounced around from job to job; either just trying different things or taking on jobs just to keep myself busy and earn some money. One of those jobs was sales oriented (which I now believe is absolutely NOT my cup of tea.)

But, I learned an awful lot of things I find myself coming back to during the short time I worked in the field. Most likely, much of my initial exposure to some of the true powers of the human mind can be traced back to the experiences I encountered at that time.

I remember reading a lot of what was then referred to as Positive Thinking literature; things by people like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and Zig Ziglar.

And they all sounded the same message – as human beings, we all possessed so much potential we never tapped into – within reason, there was nothing we couldn’t do if we set our minds to it. These men also wrote about and discussed many of the qualities and traits of the most successful people; people who had visions of what they truly wanted to accomplish in their lives and had been successful.

Since those days, there have been many others who have followed in their tracks, following keys of success and principles that are common in those people who manifest greatness in their lives, literally obliterating obstacles that are presented to them and achieving nothing less than what they set out to achieve.

The list of those people could go on and on – growing day by day. And it stands to reason, because we are all living in the computer age in which we have so much proof of the type of advances we are making in leaps and bounds with technology. All we have to do, is focus on the fact that it us HUMAN BEINGS that harness the knowledge and ability to make these achievements. MAN makes computers, not the other way around.

Positive Images

Positive Images

We have evolved this far because we have persevered and stayed true to the goals of making these types of advances in our lives. If technology can achieve SO much to advance the quality of our lives, just imagine what the director of that technology is capable of doing! WE are the directors of that technology!

So, focus in on just one thing that really means something to you, today….NOW. And see what you are able to accomplish when you TRULY set your amazing mind to it!


I’m a licensed clinical social worker and have worked extensively as a counselor with children, adolescents, couples and families. I combine professional experience in the mental health field along with my love of writing to provide insight into real-life experiences and relationships. I hope my down-to-earth approach to living a happier, more meaningful life is easy to understand and just as easy to start implementing right away for positive results!

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