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March 27, 2016


Like the Phoenix, resurrected from its own ashes, I am bringing a part of myself back to life. I am a writer. Writing is what I do. It is something that needs to happen; like the flowing liquid of a cool body of water.

It is when the flow is interrupted; hampered by demands I myself place on what I believe outcomes ought to be, that the natural rhythms and motions cease to remain free and movement stops.

And that is what I have allowed to happen here…Here in my haven of solitude, where I come to give voice to all that spills forth from within my being. I have permitted reason and thought to construct blocks, like a dam, holding back, retaining the inner force of motion.

After way too long, I have found my way back. I have miraculously tapped back into the flow that exists and I shall honor it by resurrecting what was set into existence here a long time ago…a place of peace and serenity and natural flow of all that lies within….without needing to meet the restrictions of reason and logic, without the critical eye of judgement and analysis…just with the purpose of being created and given wings.

Like the Phoenix, my words come back to life.


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  1. Judy!

    I love this! I so look forward to reading more!

    Bathsheva (1546)

  2. Robin permalink

    Woot woot! Happy to see you back and cheers to letting the words flow unhindered. ~clink~

  3. I am in the midst of resurrecting my writing as well. I look forward to seeing your posts for the a to z challenge.

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