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April 2, 2016

So, I have to admit…the one thing I am struggling with the most here in this challenge, is having to settle on just one choice for the day’s letter. After posting yesterday’s piece, I thought of at least four or five more words that would have been fun to write about: Acceptance maybe, or Addiction, or Actualization, or even Accountability. Hmphhh.. I guess that means I’m just going to have to keep on writing for a while, even after the challenge is completed.


But today’s winner representing the letter B (drum roll please,) is BETTER.

One thing I’ve recently come to realize is that I really need to get BETTER at not feeling as if I have to keep getting BETTER about so many things.

I’m conflicted. I seek peace, serenity and acceptance. Isn’t my daily meditation practice a testament to this? But, then there is also this component of me…maybe it’s like remnants of an old bad habit that push me toward doing more, not less; trying harder, not being gentler toward myself, constantly trying to be doing BETTER…to be BETTER.

The wisdom of the ages tells me this clearly can’t be what I need, because I don’t ever see, let alone reach the finish line. When does BETTER become good enough? The resounding answer “never” can be heard for miles around. Yet, the merry-go-round ride continues on and on, without end.

This head-spinning merry-go-round, internal battle over having to do more, be BETTER, rages on. After all, more is BETTER, right?

Or might it be BETTER to slow down? Step back? Take a few deep breaths? Reflect a bit? Maybe an ‘easy does it’ or “keep it simple” approach is what I need.

Push forward? Pull back? Round and round we go. Spiraling, twirling, spinning toward what? Toward a nondescript, nonexistent point of no return?

Ah…What if I just give myself permission to be? … Period…without anything to follow…
Maybe then, I might just make the winner of the next B page I write, ‘BEING

I believe we all grow through sharing. Please voice ways you may have found your own inner peace while learning how to feel good about just BEING rather than needing to be BETTER, I would love to hear from you.

  1. Kristina Farrow permalink

    Please keep writing! I love your writing style. It is conversational, easy to follow and thought provoking. I practice mindfulness myself to help maintain peace of mind in just being. Pema Chondron, a mindfulness teacher, instructs to just acknowledge thoughts like being better and then let them go. They are just thoughts, they are not us. We are pure being. 🙂 I just love your blog. I look forward to following you!
    @Kristina Farrow
    Being Kristina

    • Kristina, Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughts!.
      I will surely check yours out as well.

  2. Margareta permalink

    looking in your very interesting blog for A to Z Challenge. Keep it up!

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