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April 4, 2016
Colors of Creativity

Colors of Creativity


I find you extremely elusive, fleeting and spontaneous, like capturing the exact moment the sun rises or the precise one that it sets.

To me, you appear masked, veiled in a misty haze, waiting for me to snatch you while you make your brief, long-awaited appearance. So I do…

I begin the process of releasing what lies within, anticipating exactly this opportunity, the chance for freedom, for expression.

You may not even begin with a connection to a single thought…there are those glorious fragments in time, when words just tumble forth, one on top of the next, like a stream of cool, fresh, flowing water to those who thirst, mouths upward, lips parched.

Creativity – do not elude me. You are my most necessary component, the one ingredient I cannot do without.

There are no classes where I can learn how to connect to you…no course I can take to help our relationship improve.

I do not look for loyalty or exclusivity.

And God knows, convenient timing is not your strong suit.

You only need to whisper faintly and like a high school Sophomore, I am at your ready, overjoyed with gratitude that you have come to keep me company, even if only for a moment, before you move on to embrace your next awaiting lover.

For I know within the fleeting moments you share with me, you will provide me with the nourishment I need to sustain me again until our next meeting, our next time together.

And yet, each time you take your leave of me, although I have gleaned enough of your delicious, rejuvenating nectar …I find myself standing motionless, hands outstretched, seeking just one drop more.

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