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April 6, 2016





Maybe, I keep telling myself…maybe, if I just sit myself DOWN and allow the pen to move along the page, setting its own DIRECTION, following its own DESIGN; maybe something worth writing may DEVELOP.

I am having a DIFFICULT time DETERMINING what needs to be said, so I have DECIDED to DO nothing, intentionally DIRECTING my attentions elsewhere, and DISSOLVE my hopes of DISCOVERING an answer. Maybe something worth saying may DEVELOP.

DOES this mean creativity has DISAPPEARED, has imagination DEPLETED?  That would be, DISCOURAGING that’s what it would be…nothing short of DEVASTATING!

As I sit here , DENYING such a DISASTER, I glance down at the page beneath my gliding pen and to my utter amazement, something indeed is happening before my very eyes! The pen seems to be moving… DESIGNING, almost as if DIRECTING a DREAMLIKE  DANCE of its own…

I stare in DISBELIEF, DO a DOUBLE take, a second glance as the pen’s DESCRIPTIVE  words DESERVING applause as they DUTIFULLY approach the DESIRED length I had intended…my writing DAY no longer the DISASTER I had DETERMINED it was DESTINED to become.


  1. Well done for using so many D’s in a post. I look forward to seeing more of your posts during this challenge month

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