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THE “E” Experience

April 7, 2016

Letter E

I found yesterday’s Developing Ds quite ENJOYABLE and ENTERTAINING so I began to consider putting some EFFORT into ESTABLISHING a second ESSAY of similar fashion.

ESPECIALLY last EVENING, in my quiet space and peaceful ENVIRONMENT where I ESCAPE and reflect on the day’s EVENTS, I reconsidered what I had written and came to the realization that I had not yet EMPLOYED anywhere near all the available EXAMPLES of wordplay of which I was capable.

Although the flow was not ENTIRELY ENDLESS, I felt it was ESSENTIAL that I continue down this path, perhaps just for a little while longer… having fun EXPERIMENTING with words of the ENGLISH language a bit longer.

It may not come EASY, I told myself, and as I worked, I found confirmation.

I had not EXHAUSTED EVERY beginning. I had clearly not found EACH middle; the ECONOMY of “E-words” seemed to be overflowing. It was obvious

I had not EVEN come close to scratching the surface of all ENDINGS.

There’s nothing EXTRAORDINARY about this change of heart, however, because EVEN with all these remaining EXTRA opportunities, and EVEN though it is ENTERTAINING and ENJOYABLE, I have had ENOUGH.


I have heard it said by naysayers, mostly political critics that sprang up after ex-president Bill Clinton’s ‘I feel your pain’ campaign speech in 1992; that empathy was given a bad rap. It has, more or less, become a cliché, minimizing almost entirely, this amazing gift some of us have been given…the ability to connect with others on a deeper, more heartfelt level.

It seems some people are quicker to fully accept the ability to connect in an extra sensory fashion to other people intellectually, than to acknowledge such a connection of emotions. But there are those among us, who can read internal emotions, not only of those they know well, but even of strangers, as if there is a common language…an emotional Esperanto.

An understanding of the concept of empathy may come easier to those who watched Star Trek’s Next Generation program in which the ship’s counselor, Doctor Deanna Troi was an Empath; with the ability to sense and connect to the emotions of others.

Many times, this connection has nothing whatsoever to do with correcting or fixing…it simply involves the act of connecting…not a very easy place to travel since most people who connect with others cannot sit comfortably with them while they hurt or grieve or experience sadness. So many feel the need to act…to do…to fix; but there are times when the best gift we can offer to another person is to just be with them…to listen…and to give them the permission to feel what they’re feeling. And they know we are right there with them… giving them permission…hearing them…because they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt…they are not alone…we feel it too.


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