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April 12, 2016

The Letter J

The following is not a paid announcement:


“There is nothing partisan about it. Jellybeans are the absolute best and that’s all there is to it! It doesn’t matter who the President of the country is or what party they represent, the unadulterated truth is, that perhaps more than any other sweet indulgence, I love jellybeans.

The little bursts of soft, gooey, chewy stuff inside the harder outer layer or crunchy candy … to me and my sweet tooth… the perfect combination. They even help me remain within a fairly reasonable daily caloric intake due to their small size; about a quarter cup of these delectable treats make up a basic portion which usually contains less than 150 calories. Not horrible, right?

Some of the companies that make them actually put in drops of real fruit juice for those of us who are looking for a bit of extra Vitamin C, although they are not advisable for people who have to watch their daily intake of carbohydrates. They are, however, entirely fat free.

So much for the nutritional component of these yummy, little treasures.

Jellybeans are pure fun…They are colorful, bright and joyous…”

I am Judy and I endorse this previous message for Jellybeans everywhere!

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