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April 13, 2016

The letter K

My brain struggles to wrap itself around the words.
Once more, I return to the page with the words I just read, as if by seeing them once more, re-reading them…they will magically impart a level of comprehension that eluded me the first time.

They however, do not make any more sense to my encumbered brain the second, nor the third or even fourth time I reread what seems to be a seemingly simple sentence…basic…concise.

“The highest form of wisdom is kindness.”


Sages tell us this is so, and reason tells me that there must be meaning and truths within these seven words that I have yet to grasp. The voice inside my head repeats the words for me yet again…almost as if whispering them gently at first and then growing louder with each go-round as if forcing me to hear them on the inside of my being.

What does this mean? How does this play out in my life? How does this make sense? I search through the confines of my mind, seeking some mental picture that I can call out and inspect closer, deeper, so as to develop a new construct, one that brings these words together into something meaningful for me.

Amazing ! This simple phrase I have stumbled upon has posed such a struggle within me. I battle not only the meaning of the words, but I now include trying to understand the reason for this struggle…Why such difficulty?… I question myself. What is the connection between wisdom and kindness? How do the two intertwine? At what point does one lead to the other?

Let’s begin at the beginning…go back to basics. How about breaking it down into its simplest components? A good place to start, I tell myself.



What is it? What does it look like? What causes it? Who exemplifies it?

Immediately, images of Mother Theresa flash across my brain. Good. We’re onto something.

Why her, I ask myself further. What qualities make her the image that first appears to me when I think of what kindness looks like?
The answer comes quickly. Because of the purity in her kindness…nothing other than kindness from love…She did not act out of obligation, not out of sadness or pity. Her acts of kindness were purely out of love for others…Not out of seeking recognition, reward or praise… Not out of self whatsoever, pure as the driven snow…kindness out of love.

How freeing it must be like to not feel controlled by a sense of self! How amazing to not feel the need to answer the day in and day out calling of other selves….to only be for the sake of love and kindness.

The highest form of wisdom….indeed.

  1. It’s good to give with no expectation, but too often we attach conditions to our giving.

    • JJ,
      Almost always …the conditions seem to become the main focus, pushing kindness into the background like an afterthought at best.

  2. It is my personal belief that kindness is borne out of practicing empathy. Being able to look at another person and realizing the grace that has been bestowed upon you to be who you are. When you realize that then you stop judging and accept others as you accept yourself.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Pat,
      It follows, I believe, from the idea that one is not able to truly love and respect others, until they love and respect themselves.
      Thanks for your comment.

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