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Nothing but Nonsense

April 16, 2016

The Letter N

It doesn’t really matter unless it is important. That sounds as if it makes sense.

How else can I be expected to show I care, if there’s a really good reason not to?

Words have so much to say until you run out of them. So I wonder, if you do run out of them, are they still considered words or do they become silence?

When is the best time to do absolutely nothing? Or everything? Or for that matter, even just something?

Nonsense 1

Did you ever realize that being completely free to choose is extremely costly?

Are you getting all this? Am I making myself clear? Or are my thoughts falling on deaf ears?

I know I have a point to make. It just seems to be lost in the rubble. It’s around here somewhere.

Why not stick around for a while and see if it turns up?

And, speaking of words and points and thoughts, I hope there will come a time, very soon, when mine all come together. When does it turn into meaning? When one person understands? Two or more?


I surely hope it all comes together pretty soon because I fear I am running out of things to say and if that’s the case, you all might be left with the God awful conclusions that what I have to say is insignificant…. not worth very much….. nothing but nonsense!

  1. Just enough nonsense can provide fun, too much and you may never get things done.

  2. Very good. You could become a politician with this beating around the bush. No offense intended. lol Good read.

    • No offense taken…I’m glad I could deliver the appropriate amount of ‘logic’ to my prose.

      Hope to see you again.

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