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The Question/Quest Link

April 20, 2016

The Letter Q

Although it seems painfully obvious, it has taken me up until the writing of today’s Letter Q post, to come to the recognition that the word QUESTION holds within it a significantly smaller word, QUEST.

And, being the eternal analyst that I am, I do what comes very naturally to me – wonder why…which in and of itself, has now become a question … setting me off in quest of the answer.

Oh my! This is starting to sound to me as if it belongs in the post for the Letter N, NONSENSE…but truth be told, there is nothing nonsensical about it.
That is what happens, is it not…whenever a question is posed? Once posed, don’t questions send us off in search of a response, an answer? Don’t we begin traveling in the direction of seeking something new, something we were not looking to find until the question was posed?

Each and every question then, holds within it, a journey, a search, a challenge for an answer. And I don’t know about you, but for me, that has always been tremendously exciting!


From the time I was a little child, the word ‘why’ has been one of my most frequented. If not boldly out loud for the world to respond to, then to be kept deep within myself. My life has been an endless quest to discover, to learn, to understand.

So now, with all the years that have passed, I have finally begun to understand that it might be okay NOT to understand all things. It may actually be okay not to have answers for all the questions that I have. It may be possible not to know…not to understand.

As foreign as it seems to me, there are certain things that may actually be better left unknown or not understood. That is most definitely a road I have not traveled down much so far in my life, but one that may need me to muster my courage up for and begin heading down more often in the future.

Test Driving

I take it for a bit of a test drive, letting the words roll off my tongue, “I don’t know… I’m not sure… I give up, why?” Even saying the words feels unsettling, awkward.

I try batting it around inside my head…not knowing….unsure…unanswered. That feels foreign too, strange as all heck.
Pretty powerful things, questions…

Maybe this new quest of not answering will bring a new awareness…a new type of understanding.

Where is your question/quest link headed for you?

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