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Rags to Riches

April 22, 2016

The letter R


No matter where I find myself on the rags to riches measuring stick, whether it be nearer the point of almost not getting by or feeling as if the world is my proverbial oyster, the way I feel about myself is not really linked to economics at all.

Empty Shopping Cart

I treasure memories that involved some pretty rough choices about which food was the better food choice since there was not going to be enough money to cover the weekly food at the grocery store, even with all the coupons I had cut out. And I also remember being quite dissatisfied and unhappy at times when things were going great financially and I had the luxury of choosing between zip-lining and other amazingly adventurous excursion offers when cruising and enjoying ‘the good life.’

zip lining

Paradox…right? Being able to mentally relive wanting more at times when it didn’t seem to matter how much I had, and also being perfectly satisfied and content with doing with less.

Maybe it’s not an issue of rags to riches at all, but more about somehow not attaching my self-worth to material things…making a conscious choice to keep what I am separate from what I have.

Ah, now there’s a thought that’s really rich!

Do you have a rags to riches story or comment. You’re welcome to post it here.

  1. aandj8804 permalink

    Beautiful post. And quite frankly something I needed to hear today. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that people with less could be just as happy as people with more. I’m glad you have such wonderful memories from both times in your life! 🙂

    • Yep..There are definitely good and bad ones, and I too am grateful for both to be honest. I am very glad this spoke to you in a way that you found helpful!

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