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April 22, 2016

The Letter S

One of the most tremendously amazing elements I find in my writing, is that I get to read what comes out of my mouth (or fingers as the case may be) myself.
You may be thinking…of course you do, you crazy child…you’re the one writing it; but in reality, sometimes it is more like I am speaking it than writing it. Sometimes my writing is really my soul speaking.

When those times occur, I have learned to recognize them for what they are, and as crazy as this sounds, make sure I listen because my soul is speaking and needs to be heard.

Liquid Soul

It has a look all its own, this soul speak. I identify it by the pace with which my fingers glide across the page or the keys, as the case may be. There is a sense of urgency to the motion and it seems out-of-body-ish in a way; as if I am not participating, but rather observing something outside of myself occur.

By now, you are more than likely wondering when I was released and who might be directly responsible for permitting me out, back into the real world, but since this has occurred more than once or twice in my life; and I seem to be relatively sane in most other aspects of my existence, I tend to believe there is no need for concern as to my mental status.

Creative Thinking

This soul speak, if you ever have the opportunity to experience it, is quite freeing…

Perhaps I can liken it to something more ‘down to earth,’ like perhaps a bad sinus headache that weighs down so constantly that you may not remain aware of the pressure and dulling ache it produces. The extra weight becomes something so steady and so familiar that it is easy to forget it is even there. But then, with just one single tablet, one dose of sinus headache relief medication lifts…almost raises the veil of grayness and weighty cloud that has attached itself to your brain; with you through every single moment of the day.

sinus relief

Once that magical moment occurs, and the curtain of dullness rises, it is something short of miraculous, a freeing sense of abandon that rises upward and out into the air.

Soul speak is like that – providing a lifting of an entity that may not even register on a conscious level, bringing with it a sense of freedom and abandon. Absolutely glorious abandon.

To those who understand or have ever experienced even the slightest degree of this miraculous sensation…I wish you a wealth of soul speak.

If you care to share your own experience with soul speak, I would love to hear from you.

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