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April 25, 2016

The letter U

As we are nearing the last of this fascinating A-Z challenge (there are only 5 more after today’s post) as someone who has considered myself to be in awe of words for as far back as I can remember, have found a new and even deeper respect for words and how significant they are to me.


There are more books on my shelves than I can count about writing prompts and how to awaken creativity and hurdle over writer’s block – all of them helpful and wonderful in their own way.

But none of them have helped me to discover a renewed passion and love for writing as having to select a single word every day – a different word, picking just one from lists that I can find at my fingertips, if I so choose, or those that float inside my brain…like with the horses on a carousel, spinning round and round, as I search and reach for the brass ring; the one word of the day that can spark within me, something ‘writeworthy,’ which translates to being ‘readworthy.’ to those who visit.


I have found myself breaking words down in ways that I have never before – thinking about not only their wound and their origin, but what a deluge of meaning and submeaning, it has for me. And I am amazed…amazed at how, rather than being tired and exhausted, having traveled this far down this path; I find myself renewed and refreshed, excited and bubbling over, more thoughts than I ever imagined I had.

Maybe the difference for me, is that these thoughts suddenly all seem to be coming together – in one place, more or less, at one time. And it is a glorious feeling – one that I will be sure stays with me as I move ahead and continue to write more and become more committed and more devoted to my craft! I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. It is wonderful!

All that leads me to the alphabetic muse for today – which is UNDERSTANDING.

All that I have written so far today, has come from an understand of the process of writing that has been a mystery to me up until now.

But beyond that, I have begun to take my overly-obsessive analyzing behaviors, the ones that have been with me from the time that I first learned how to spell my name as a child. My mother, God rest her soul, used to love telling the story of how when I proudly learned how to spell my name at the ripe old age of 4, would clearly amplify each letter on command of whomever asked for me to perform this circus-like act, “J….U….D….Y…. CAUSE!” At that point, my mother would make sure all who were within ear shot clearly understood how clever it was for me to connect the letter Y with the word WHY and immediately have to find the answer or the reason.

Later, when I got older and pursued a career in mental health, my mother would revert to this tale and claim to have known back then, that my need to UNDERSTAND would lead me through my entire life.

All this many years later, and I’m fairly sure, that at least for the most part, she was onto something.

Understanding vs Judging

So, here I am, breaking it all down, yet again…except this time, I’m actually looking to even further understand the word “UNDERSTAND.”

And, to may amazement…it is actually quite obvious and simple – UNDER STAND can also be STAND UNDER which to me, defines support. When I gain UNDERSTANDING, I feel more able to provide support…to raise up, once I am armed with a sense of UNDERSTANDING.

Understanding Understanding

It isn’t an answer, it isn’t a solution…it is simply reaching an UNDERSTANDING.

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