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An Ode to Y

April 29, 2016

The Letter Y

As I compose ideas and thoughts for today’s post, I am absolutely amazed that I have come through this challenge. But before I go further down that path, I will disclose today’s Y topic.

Interestingly, when the letters are not the most common, or when I find it difficult for whatever reason, to settle on a topic for the post, I have found myself resorting to searching. I quickly punch in the keys that spell out “words beginning with the letter (fill in the blank) and within seconds, Master Google has provided for me a number of sites I can click on that will present for me a list of words from which I can choose. Some do this seamlessly in word-count order, but for my desires and purposes related to the A-Z Blogging challenge, I tend to prefer one large alphabetical listing, uninterrupted by letter count.

List of words

I spend a few moments reading through the list, and find a word that sparks my interest, or perhaps a word that I am not that familiar with but one that I find interesting anyway, so I look it up. If I like what it brings up for me, I may go with that and a post is born.

But that is not how I decided on this one. Well, at least, not entirely. Since I found it difficult to think of my own “Y” topic, I pulled up a listing of words that began with the letter Y and read through it, finding it quite limited with many of the same words posing as ‘spin-offs’ of a word beginning with that letter. There was a multitude of ‘yellow’ words; words that expressed a full variety of shades of the rainbow like yellowish green and yellowish beige. I found something similar with the word ‘year’ as the springboard word. These included concepts than ranged from ‘year Y2K compliance’ to ‘yearling’, ‘yearbooks’ and ‘year-old.’

No way would I stoop to anything so contrived for this topic of the second to the last letter of the alphabet. I’ve come too far in this challenge to settle for them.


I did however, find myself drawn toward the word “youth” because it instantly brought a saying my father quoted very often over the years. He used to say “youth is wasted on the young.” It almost had me, but then I also like ‘yesterday” and a lot of what that brought up for me.

Yesterday and toay

So, the struggle between the two, “youth” and “yesterday” began in my head and my heart. And it was right there, smack dab in the midst of the battle, when I suddenly decided on today’s topic.

Okay, now do you remember how I started this post, by saying how amazed I am that I have achieved this undertaking of posting through the alphabet? The reason for my being so amazed is because I tend not to believe very much in my abilities nor my perseverance or determination. And that is because of my “Yucky Thinking.”

Now, I am not quite sure that “Yucky” is even a word, not in the official sense, anyway. I may have missed it in my original search list, but I don’t think so. And if it was there, it certainly wasn’t attached to any other word to compose a phrase like “Yucky Thinking.”

But I know that is most definitely something I had to put out there, because I remember when the challenge was first posed to me by a new friend, but someone who I have grown to become quite fond of in a very short while; how my first, second and even third reactions were products of just that, “Yucky Thinking.”

I knew it was something that I wanted to be able to do, but something I was equally filled with excuses against taking on. There was no way I would be able to do it on a consistent basis. Come up with 26 different things to write about that I would actually hit ‘publish’ for? Don’t be silly. Only real bloggers do that sort of thing.

I had already attempted to write fairly consistently and had abandoned it as soon as I missed one time that I had scheduled and destroyed my perfect vision of my perfect writing. Not only that, but I had no idea how to measure up to others, not in regard to the quality or quantity of their posts, nor to the number of their followers.

“Yucky Thinking!”

And I do it a lot…with so much of the things that I might, God forbid, allow myself to find pleasure and enjoyment in.

Positive and Negative Thinking

So here’s my ode to you, “yucky thinking.” May you rest in peace… least more often!

  1. Congratulations for saying goodbye to the yuks! ~Liz

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