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Humble Beginnings

May 7, 2016
Credit Judy Douglas

Credit Judy Douglas

I always find it interesting how words and their meanings seem to evolve. I start out thinking I ‘get’ it – that it makes sense to me and I am able to wrap my brain around the concept, but somehow it changes or it adds on a different component that I missed entirely. Or even in some cases, that I had it all completely wrong.

Very often, I experience this morphing sensation when it comes to personality traits or virtues and qualities. Take HUMILITY for example.

There’s no wavering in the fact that I have always viewed it as an admirable quality to possess, one, that I have wanted to say I exhibit in my own everyday life, yet one that I have struggled to really understand. As I young girl, I learned that humility was akin to modesty, someone who did not flash things in front of others, brag, or even wear clothing that could be seen as promiscuous or outwardly displaying indiscretion. I used to think that when a person exhibited humility, they lowered themselves, becoming meek or subservient to others and putting their own needs beneath those of the people around them.

But recently, I have come to see humility in a different light.

Humility, I now believe, comes with an understanding of knowing what belongs to me and what doesn’t. It means staying in my own space, keeping my own side of the street in order and free of debris. This is something I am not used to – because it means paying attention to what I am feeling and what is happening within myself rather than focusing so intently on what others are doing.

Humble Thoughts

Humility, in a sense, involves letting go of my pride and realizing I don’t have all the answers, I am not able to handle everything for everybody…I don’t know the right thing to do all the time. It means I can instead, focus in on not only my abilities, but my inabilities, my limits and my imperfections and accept them as part of me as well. I begin to embrace my humanness…my being a part of an imperfect entity. I am more willing to accept myself, as incomplete as I may be; thereby I become more willing to accept others too. I join with others rather than separate from them, believing I know better and do better.

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