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May 11, 2016
Credit dreamstime

Credit dreamstime

Have you ever sat down to write something because you know it is the thing you ought to do, and not have a clear idea whatsoever what it is you want to write about?

Oh wait. You’re a writer. Of course you have!

Most likely, there isn’t a single writer on this planet, with prepared, detailed outlines and thousands of dollars in writing courses behind them or not, who hasn’t had this exact experience and isn’t extremely well-versed in this moment. In fact, I’m willing to bet many of us have been here more than once.

credit Community Spark Notes

credit Community Spark Notes

It’s a pretty awful feeling…telling yourself that you have something to write, yet knowing, at least on some level, you have no idea what to write about. And no…I refuse to consider, will not permit to cross my fingertips or my lips the dreaded two-word phrase that begins with the letters “WB.”

credit twaldron blog

credit twaldron blog

I choose, alternately, to believe in the slogan made famous in the movie Field of Dreams. So here I stand, or sit, as the case may be, ‘building it.’ And, although it may not win me a Pulitzer, ‘they are coming;’ “they,” of course, referring in this case, to ‘the words.’

The words are coming. They are slipping through my fingers, stumbling across the keys and magically, creating words. These words, in turn, create phrases which of course turn into sentences and then even paragraphs. But the amazing part of it, occurs when this process actually begins to form logical concepts and thoughts spring forth. I mean, who knew?

Actually, I think I did. I suspect it must have dawned on me at some point, that just forcing my bottom into the chair in front of the keyboard would be the catalyst for something considered prose on some level. And I suppose the worst thing that might occur, is that I really would think it entirely unworthy and delete the entire piece.

credit to

credit to

But that isn’t the case this time around. I can’t explain why, but I feel a desire to share this, in its entirety today rather than keep it within the confines of my mind. Today, I have decided is a flare out day – a day in which I am going to wear whatever I want, whether it matches, coordinates or flaps in the breeze or not; out in plain sight. Today I feel the need to be nobody else but myself, in my complete sense of self. Without refinement of any type, without makeup, even in my woolly slippers if I happen to find them. I am pretty sure the last time I saw them, they were in the dog’s mouth as he ran under one of the children’s beds. At least that’s pretty sure where I saw it the last time.

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